Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WTH? Wednesday

Okay, so this is new to me but after what I just experienced I felt the need. First, let me say, I didn't go out looking for something to bitch about, it just kinda happened.
The kids and I decided that a trip to the farmer's market would do us some good, so off we went. First stop, the new ice cream stand. Everything was going great, the girls were being good eating their ice cream, Baby Boy was crawling around the table. All's well. Then I go to throw their cups away...
There in the trash can is about 6 pounds of peaches, looking and smelling oh so great (I'm not being sarcastic, these were absolutely ready for eating!). So, I asked the girl working what was wrong with them that they would throw them away. She told me they had bruises or small nicks in them and the nats were on them. Fine, I guess. Throw them away. If she had offered them to me, I'd have brought them home. I almost dug them out of the trash. There wasn't anything around them, in fact I think the only other things in there were boxes. But alas, I paid for my peaches. Didn't seem like the right day to introduce the kids to dumpster diving...maybe when they get older.
So, this incident lead me to my next stop, a local food bank at the farmer's market. Why, I wondered as I carried my box inside, did they not just bring the "bad" peaches over here and let them give them to people who couldn't care less about a little bruise on the peach. Then I got my answer.
I walked up the steps into the warehouse, where about a dozen people were mingling about, not really doing anything, just talking amongst themselves. As I stood there, holding my large-enough-to-be-awkwardly-heavy box, I waited for someone to come take it from me, or at least tell me where to put it. Well, nobody could be bothered to stop their conversation long enough to help me. I actually ended up walking away from one of the workers, who was too busy talking to even notice me standing there. So, to the office I went, still carrying my box. In the office was a woman who had been standing with the first woman when I walked in. She had walked away too, without finding out what I needed. Nobody came out of the office. Finally, I just raised my voice enough to ask through the glass where they wanted the box. Then a lady came out and told me to just set it down. She was kind enough to ask if I wanted my box back, or if I'd like a receipt. No thanks, my kids just might melt in the car if I have to stand here any longer. WTH??

Have you had any WTheck moments today? Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what makes you gripe. Also be sure to check out another pertinent post for today, at MomFiles.

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  1. wow that would really make me mad too. I hate when people who work somewhere who are suppost to be doing their jobs are too busy talking and slacking off to do their jobs.

    Nikki Darlin'