Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Holiday's Make Me Cranky (and a Mother's Day wish for YOU!)

Some of you may not know that my husband works at a wholesale florist. It was started in 1955 by my granddaddy. I am very proud of him and all the work he did so that the business could still be around today. However, that does not mean I am without complaint, or at least, without comment, because there's no point in complaining about something you can't change, but it helps to get it off your chest.
So here's my gripe. For every holiday when it is "an accepted social convention" to give flowers, the preceding weeks are a living hell for me (and others in this industry). Valentine's Day, my husband was at work. Easter Sunday, my husband was at work. Mother's Day (and our anniversary) are a week away, and where's my hubby gonna be? Probably at work. (I left out my birthday, since it's not a flower giving holiday that screws it, it's the company's open house that they have that weekend every year. BAH!)
Now, you say, who am I to be complaining. After all, the job market sucks, I don't have to get up and leave the house everyday, all I have to do is take care of the kids and keep the house clean. Well really? Is that all I do? Is that all any stay at home mom does? "Take care of the kids and keep the house clean." Sounds simple enough, right? (for those of you who are not SAHM's, the rest of us are rolling on the floor laughing our a$$'s off at this. Mainly because it's damn near impossible to do both by yourself.)
These holiday's force me to attempt to do it all myself (or just let it pile up, like it has lately) because when my husband gets home, he goes to sleep. Many times, right in the middle of the living room floor. So, not only am I taking care of the kids and "keeping the house clean" I am stepping over someone every time I want to go into our bedroom (until I piss him off by waking him up enough times and telling him to move), I am taking care of our animals, keeping track of birthdays, appointments (okay, so I'm not so great at those two either), outside time every day (insisted upon by the Mr. in the house) shopping, inventory, meals, bottles, diapers, baths, etc. I am washing clothes and cooking food for someone who doesn't even notice. A zombie. For two weeks (up to 3), every damned flower giving holiday, I live with a grumpy, underfed (not my fault), ill-rested, foul-mouthed (he's a truck driver) slob. I love him, I just sometimes wish they had cots where he worked....
But, by all means, buy some flowers this Mother's Day. I'm sure they will be well received (just don't bring me any, unless I can plant them or eat them). And make sure to be nice to your florist, because if you piss them off, they will ruin everyone else's day that they come in contact with, and if you're in my area, then that probably means my hubby.
Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day. And if you get flowers, enjoy them. (said with the most sincerity I can muster right now.) Wishing all moms, mommies, mama's, grandma's, maggies, meema's, grawmy's, granny's, abuela's, and anyone I forgot, a wonderful Mother's day. May you get shown all the love you deserve. Without mothers, we would have no future, for our children are our future.

with (one)Love,
from the swamplands