Monday, April 11, 2011

Packing Your Purse for a Wedding

The Mr and I had the pleasure of attending a lovely wedding this past weekend. My cousin is now happily betrothed and the whole family is breathing a sigh of relief (we love you lil'T!)

As with any major event we try to attend, there was the normal distribution of snafu's. The first being that we were running late (not a new thing, but worth mentioning). With an hour drive ahead of us, we just made it on time.

The second of the day, 30 minutes before we HAD to be out the door, I'm putting on my dress and the strap broke. Yay. Luckily I can sew. A few minutes and stitches later and I was back getting ready.... I then proceeded to stab myself with the mascara wand, leading to an extended makeup session.
But, despite all that, we made it. Fully dressed, shaved, made up, and ready to witness the wedding of the decade.

One of the hardest things about the day was deciding what to put in my purse. I downsized for the occasion, so I had to be rather picky as to what I would take with.
Here's how it ended up:

* white and black thread (black was for me, white..just in case)
* sewing needles
* knife (or small scissors...I couldn't find mine)
* lipstick
* camera
* extra batteries
* driver's license
* cash
* card (Congrats card for the couple)
* pen/paper
* house keys

All of that in a clutch, with room for a few extra essentials, depending on what you need to take. If I had needed it, I probably could have wrangled a diaper and a couple of wipes in there too, but it would have been tight. Now that I think about it, wipes probably would have been a good idea anyway...

What are your thoughts? Is there something you always carry? Is there something you wish someone had brought to your own wedding?