Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pet Product Review: Arm & Hammer Essentials Corn Fiber Cat Litter

I know some of you probably aren't cat people. My husband isn't really a cat person either. The only cat he ever liked was his cat, Slater, who unfortunately passed away shortly after we got married. Since that time, we have not had an inside cat...until now.
One of my hubby's childhood friends (still a current friend) and his fiance (congrats J. and A.) so generously gave us a cat. When we got her, I went out and bought some normal dollar store cat litter. That was the worst idea ever! The cheap stuff is just that, CHEAP. No clumping, no odor control, no nothing. Worst dollar I ever spent. So, while at Wal-Mart earlier this week, I looked for some good quality litter.
Why spend good money on something that your pet is just going to poop in? Well, I wanted quality stuff, that would be easy to use, wouldn't smell, and did not cost a fortune. I found it.
Arm & Hammer has a line of products called Arm & Hammer Essentials. The cat litter is corn fiber. It is a super-clumping formula, controls odor so well that you wouldn't know we had a cat, and isn't too expensive. An 11lb bag is around $8, which is about the same as a 20lb bag of regular clay litter. Seems pricey, but it's supposed to work so well, that you don't have to completely change the litter as often. So far, it has lived up to it's claims. And our cat seems to like it; no adjustment period or problems at all. I know cats can be a little finicky...they were once worshiped as Gods...and they have never forgotten this. :)
I am very impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone with a cat. For the tree-hugger's out there (no offense to anyone...I consider myself a tree-hugger!) it is biodegradable. I would not recommend putting it in your compost pile or anything (as cats can carry some pretty nasty diseases) but if you have a field or some woods near your house, then you could just dump the leftovers out. They will break down.
Hope you found this review helpful. If you know of anymore eco-friendly pet products, let me and my readers know in a comment here or on my Facebook Page.