Monday, December 14, 2009

More Money Saving Tips for the Holidays

Okay, so I remembered some more things that may help you with your finances this Holiday Season...

1) Use comics from the Sunday newspapers for wrapping paper. I say the Sunday paper, simply because those are the only ones printed in color. Feel free to use the weekday comics too, but I would add a colorful bow or gift tag to spruce it up.

2)Another wrapping paper idea is the plain brown packaging paper that you use for wrapping packages to ship. You can dress it up with curling ribbon, raffia, pretty gift tags, or be brave and let your kids decorate it with finger paints or holiday stamps.

3) Do not spend money on gift boxes. Save all good condition bags and boxes from all birthday/holiday parties. Use them, even if they don't quite fit the season or the occasion. The packaging really does not matter. When you run out of saved bags and boxes, hit up your pantry. Yes, your pantry. Got one pack of graham crackers left in the box, well put the last package on the shelf, and viola, you have an instant box, ready to be wrapped. You can use any kind of box...cracker, cereal, even coffee cans. Get creative and keep more of that hard earned money in your pocket!

Love to all, and Peace on Earth!