Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Review - Poems for the Short-Term Memory

I know I promised this review last week, but that's how life goes with kids.
Poems for the Short-Term Memory is a book of poetry by Robert Fraser. It is a good read, if not always an easy one. But I don't like easy reads. If that was what I wanted, I have a hundred kids books in the playroom I could go to. This book is deeper than that. And I am glad of it.
Works like "Antique Pocket Watch, Part 2" , "Rhyme of Reason", and "Poem in Blues Major" are wake-up calls and reflections on the world around us. The whole book is like that.
If you have done anything in your life more exciting than pumping gas, then you will find something in this book to relate to. It is an interesting read, even more so after a couple Kahlua snow cones. I'll admit, I had to read some of them through a few times before they sank in, but that's what good poetry is about. It makes you think. Brings you out of your shell to, if not experience, then at least notice the world around you. Robert has done just that.
I am looking forward to reading his second book, "Mountains the Size of my Fist".

If you would like to purchase a copy of "Poems for the Short-Term Memory", just click the title, it will take you to amazon. Please purchase this product new, so Mr. Fraser will receive the royalties he deserves.