Monday, May 24, 2010

There's a Sucker...I Mean, Customer, Born Every Minute

"There's a sucker born every minute." attributed to P.T. Barnum (by one of his competitors in the circus business). He stated his actual quote was "There's a customer born every minute." Well, the situation that went down today fits better into the first scenario. And guess who the sucker was ladies and gents. That's right, yours truly. 

It all started with a simple trip to the flea market. One of mine and hubby's favorite activities when we are childless for a few hours on the weekend. Started off normal, found some really cool stuff that hubby wouldn't look at, so I didn't buy. Really kicking myself for it now...but that's getting ahead. Let me continue...

So, we continue on our stroll, not seeing anything really out of the ordinary. Then someone (a lady, with long blonde hair and sunglasses) walks up and hands me and hubby each a ticket for our "free" chance to win cash and prizes. (Hint #1 that this was a scam....The first one's always free!) So, we go over, take our rolls, and low and behold, we're pretty darn close to winning (Hint #2 that it's a scam, the guy will add up your numbers really fast and all of sudden, you're soooo close to winning...all you need is *x* number of points)

. So, I pay a couple bucks to get another roll and see what luck will bring must have been her day off. A couple bucks and 1 roll (toss actually, some sort of balls in the hole, add up the numbers, get to 100, win a prize type deal. in plain english - The Odds Are On the House!)...anyway, 1 roll turned into more and yada yada yada, I now own a very expensive stuffed bunny rabbit. Now, being that this not an 'anonymous' blog, as in, my family reads this, I will not disclose how much I got taken for. Let's just say I should have known better. 

And what was hubby doing during all of this, you ask? Standing back and watching. You see, he knows, the odds are always on the house. He let me learn the hard way, like normal. If he had been paying a little more attention, I think he would have stopped me sooner, but that's how it goes. Guess we both learned a lesson today. 

So, remember kiddies, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The odds are always on the house. The first one's always free. And the most important rule of all, because it's printed somewhere, just so tiny you can't see it...NO REFUNDS. 

Well, I hope some of you learned something from my experience today. I know I did. A lesson I will never forget. And I have a large gray stuffed rabbit next to my computer to remind me, just in case. 

I added a couple links through amazon, some good financial sense books (just from what I've heard. I have not read these books, but I've seen the author speak and trust her to give sound advice).

Enjoy your week, and don't let Monday get you down. 

love from the swamps