Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Back

Wow, its been forever! So, what's new with you?

For me, well. I just bought a new car!! (insert happy dance here). I found out that I really enjoy auto auctions, so I may go to a regular auction to see if its just as fun Look for a future post. :)

What else is new...lets see. We are about to start a home renovation project that's probably going to last well into NEXT year. (damn paint's expensive!) We have officially decided to start homeschooling and have located, though not yet contacted, our local group.
Our little man, henceforth known as 'Pigpen', has graduated from crib, to toddler bed, and now to the official big boy twin bed. Pretty soon he'll have mastered the steps and will be playing outside all day with his sisters, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

New new new, well the garden's not so new. Actually, its rather old and decrepit looking at the moment. We did nothing for gardening last year. And I mean nothing. Seems like last year might have been our "grace" period (a euphemism if there ever was one!) to adjusting to having 3 kids instead of 2. We were in a constant state of chaos, which transferred itself over to the house and the yard. Slowly but surely we are pullings things out of the ditch and getting back to normal, whatever that is.

Last year held some rather bumpy patches, not the least of which involving our beloved pet dogs. I will not go into the whole sordid story, those of you who know me know what happened. Anyway, we went from 3 dogs to none in a rather short period of time. This did not sit well with me, as I am one of those people who does not do well without animal companionship. (that's a whole 'nother post). So, after about a month we got another dog, a rescue helped along by one of my family members. Not your typical rescue by any means, but I feel sure he's better off with us than anywhere else he would have ended up if we had not taken him.

I guess that's about it for the new-ness. Really, we aren't that exciting. There is always a lot going on though, and I will do my best to keep you updated on the happenings.

Until next time, drive safe.