Monday, March 14, 2011

Organizing with the Chronically Disorganized

DVD's and CDs -  Toss those cases and invest in one (or many) of those handy-dandy cd wallets. Big box stores  usually stock them in the media/electronics area, and at just about every check out line (how considerate of them, really).
You can have one for the whole family to share, or divide it up. Right now ours goes something like this: the biggest one holds all the kids movies and sing-a-longs, the little ones hold our movies, and the majority are "stored" in piles next to the dvd player... hey, the truth hurts. 

It may be difficult at first to let go of the movie/music cases and the insert art that sometimes comes with. I have not found a great compromise here.
With CD's its easier, just put the insert in the same pocket as the cd. Maybe one day whoever designs dvd cases will get a case of green-itis and decide its time to start using less packaging. Here's an idea: design the cover art to fit into the square and not that obnoxious rectangle they have now. Who came up with that anyway?

Do you keep your cases and organize differently? Do you even have a tv? Thoughts are welcome. :)

Case Logic CDW-92 Nylon CD/DVD Wallet 100-Capacity (Black)<--this is pretty much the same one the kids have. I think theirs holds 60, the one in the picture holds 100.

Case Logic KSW320 Koskin CD/DVD Wallet 336 Disc Capacity (Black)--- and this is what we will probably get, now that I know the system works for us. It holds 360 discs. 

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