Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kitchen Confidential (confidentially, its a mess!)

One thing nobody ever bothers to mention (at least, they didn't to me) is how messy kids can be. Maybe I'm in the minority here, because I never hear people talk about it. Well here it is, in all its glory. Kids Are Messy! They will color on your walls (freshly painted), eat the cake out of the fridge (the one for the dinner party) while in their nicest clothes, they will find the deepest squishiest mud puddle and go play in it (while loading up, and running late, for a birthday party).

They will dump that basket of clean clothes on to the floor with all the puppy hair (again), they will unload your washing machine when you aren't looking (there was a lady bug in there!), they will scavenge all the candy you stockpiled for Halloween (in less than a week), eat all the Ben & Jerry's in the house (before you  get out of bed and make breakfast).

Yep, kids are messy. You might as well wrap your kitchen in plastic, and put those covers on your furniture (we don't have them, but we bought/buy all our furniture used...this is why). If you have anything nice that you like, pack it up. Don't put it up high, it will get knocked down. Don't put it in your room, they will play in there while you think they're sleeping. I know, lots of people are going to disagree with me. Well, you never met my kids. They are just like their momma, they are constantly questioning, always curious, and furious little plunderers. Worse than a raccoon when it comes to shiny stuff.

Hope you enjoyed this. Pass it on to any new parents you may know. They really deserve the kindness of being clued in. As for me, I'm off to scrub my kitchen chairs, again. Have a great day.

For more information on cleaning, and kids, check out the links below.


  1. Kids are a joy to have, aren't they! :)

  2. I'm following you from Monday Mingle. Good point! Of course, I have one Born Organized child, who was always neater than me! But my two children and I all benefited from Montessori principles to learn order and self-discipline. I’m still learning!

  3. I just have one kiddo and she loves to make a mess and just leave it. She will clean if you ask her. I think teenagers are worst though ;-)
    Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Hope you have a great week!!

  4. Love it...from a mom of six, five of which are boys, but the girls has always made the biggest mess.
    Stopped by from Mingle Monday,