Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning Can Be Fun....And Tastey!

My girls love fruit, so we go through a lot of it. But for some reason, the bag of oranges I bought just sat in a bowl on the counter getting bad.
So, this morning, when my youngest came to me and said she wanted to make juice with her (toy) juicer, I decided, why not?

our oldest, C-belle, taking her turn with the juicer.

our middle one, water baby, taking her turn (notice the Sharpie red 'nail polish')

Finished product (approx 2 cups, from 5 oranges and 1 lemon) and supplies. I wasn't kidding when I said a toy juicer.

The girls had a blast helping, and especially drinking, our homemade creation (it was really good). As I can't stand peeling oranges, I think this might be the next big thing at our house. Guess that means I should spring for a real juicer.

Do something fun, and educational, with your kids TODAY! They will remember it for a long long time.

from the swamplands


  1. I love it!!! I too HATE peeling oranges; they are so messy. My hubby's Grandfather has a grove and I think this is what we're gonna have to start doing. I usually just juice them myself as I don't want them to hurt my Grandmother's glass juicer that I have, so I'll just let them juice it with their's :)

  2. That's awesome T. I actually have a real juicer now. It was hubby's grandmothers. I'm with you, I'll let them use theirs and I'll use the glass one. Safer that way. :)